I never really interested in scented candles until a close friend of mine introduced me “Diptyque” candles. My image of scented candles until then were those strong smell of candle shops in the malls in the US (which always gives me headache), or not-so-good smells of IKEA candles. In any case, I am not so tolerant with smells or perfumes, sometimes a strong smell of perfumes makes me sneeze. But this one, Diptyque, is definitely different.
The first Diptyque I bought was Baies. It seems Baies is the most popular smell and is often introduced in magazines and such. I bought this perhaps 2 years ago, but I only used half of it. It’s a big candle and lasts for about 60 hours they say, but still, it’s not my favorite… too strong.
Last month, when I was strolling around downtown San Francisco, I found a Diptyque shop in my favorite Maiden Lane. I didn’t know they have an independent shop, especially in the US. (I later found out that they even sell their products through Amazon.Com!) In the shop, there were two definitely gay-looking shopkeepers greeted me warmly, and they kindly ignored me enough for me to smell each one of their candles. There I found, almost like a destiny, Feu de Bois, which smells magically like a firewood. You have to smell it to understand. It is so good. I wanted to buy it there, but I decided to wait until I come home because it’s less expensive in Japan.
So I went to a shop right after I came back to my hometown and bought it right away. The candle takes me to a far land, deep in a wood somewhere, everytime I light it. Now I am considering buying a room spray of the same scent…

とはいえ、最初に買ったベス(Biaes)という香りはあまり体質に合わなくて、もう買ってから2年近くになりますが、まだなんだかんだ言って残ってます。結構きつい花の匂いって感じかな。わたしはもともと、香水でもクシャミが出る体質なので、ゆるい香りが好きなんですよね。ただ先日サンフランシスコに行った際にダウンタウンでDiptyqueの路面店を発見!お店で展示してあるすべてのキャンドルを試してみた結果、Feu de Boisという香りに出会ったのです。もう運命的。焚き木という名前なのですが、なんとも懐かしい木と炭の香りがして、瞬時にリラックスできます。あまりに気に入って、ルームフレグランスも買おうかなと思っているくらい。毎日のようにキャンドルを灯しています。