I have been trying to finish the sweater since this morning, inspired by Roko-san’s (my co-Ravelrer) beautiful summer knit. I always admire her work and that she completes one great project at a time. I have several right now, most of them hibernating. So I tried very hard but eventually got tired of it, and decide to divert my interest to this blog.

These days, I am more aware of what I eat, and am trying to pay more attention to what they are made of.
In Japanese, the word “delicious” is described as “beautiful taste”, literally. When we say “beautiful” for food, I think the implication extends not just to the taste, but also to the flavor, the look, how the food sits on a plate, the energy contained in it, and the emotions of people who cooked.
The reason of saying this is because I read a series of fascinating essays by one Japanese writer/photo-journalist. Unfortunately he writes in Japanese. But anyways he goes to places to meet and write about those ordinary people who are passionate about producing and cooking organic vegetables or traditional food. Although I learned that the situation is becoming harder and harder for those sincere producers, I was enlightened by their passion, and at the same time, became very proud of living in this country.
We are living in this unfortunate era after the WWII, when we have to endure industrial pollution and mass production using chemical pesticides and god-knows-what-else imported from the western world (of course made us financially richer at the same time), but in this country we still have traditional ways. These ways include natural farming, traditional cooking with which only the natural ingredients are used, and very efficient recycling and reuse.
Many restaurants around Japan often tell you where the vegetables and meats they cook came from, and sometimes who produced them. And very good but inexpensive Japanese restaurants are everywhere.

So, these all came down to, I have been eating well. I decided to go to Japanese restaurants more often, and eat better. People always say that you have to eat 30 different ingredients every day. It’s hard to do this, when you live alone and often eat out, but one has to try. When we eat very well prepared food, we can feel the positive energies trapped inside. Beautiful food.