Went to watch a Japanese film in a theater for the first time in a loooong while, on a Christmas eve.  A part of the reasons was that the leading actor is my favorite.  But regardless of that, the film was very good and I’m glad I watched it.
The story is about a life of a man in 19th century (during Edo period), who was an accountant to one of the regional kings in Japan.  His family had been a middle class samurai, and had served as accountants for several generations.
The Japanese values shown in this film are surely outdated (of course, the film is about 19th century world), but the same values still form the baseline of Japanese culture, I think.  Diligence, seriousness, act without saying a word, never falter by unexpectedness, discipline from childhood, no complaining, frugality, etc.
I felt that the movie itself could have been better edited, but the story was great.