Happy New Year!  Wish your year be like a piece of hand-made orange peel dipped in smooth dark chocolate!

年末年始、妹夫婦の家で満腹なほど赤ちゃんと犬犬と遊び、実家で脳ミソが蕩けるほどTVを見(といってもBS Hiのイタリア特集)、同僚のホームパーティーで楽しみ、なんとなく順調な滑り出しでした。

My new year holidays went by in a blink – playing with my baby niece and dogs, watching TV and taking looong naps, enjoying a party at one of my colleagues’ place.

My mind is still full of things that I want to try and places I want to visit this year, and I am having difficulty adjusting myself back in office.  I will go on a journey, take lots of short trips, move into a new place, attack my stash yarn, take adventure through great books, and above all, I want to create things.
I don’t have any particular plan yet, but I feel that I cannot continue to work for an insurance company anymore.  It started to feel awkward.  The awkwardness may go away.  Though it may not.


As reported earlier, I promised one of my best friends to wear a Kimono for her wedding in 3 weeks.  I started taking lessons a week ago (yes, you need to learn to wear them, like you learn how to drive).  I tried to practice on a new year’s day, struggled, and my arms got too tired and I gave up half way.  It’s so hard, yet a great fun.
I am reading a lot about kimonos these days.  The aesthetics of the art of kimonos is very different from that of modern fashion, and there are lots to learn.  There are many ugly ones out there, but the good ones are just so breathtaking.

I am also into a Korean drama called Beethoven Virus.  If you like Asian dramas, I recommend this one.


それから今読んでいるKelly Linkの小説も、毎朝夕電車を乗り過ごしそうな面白さ。(これはまた別な機会に。)


I found this blanket project on Ravelry was completely knocked out.  I love love love it – I wish I could make one myself!

新年なので日本語でスタートしてみました。 なんとなく、集中の出来なさが伝わったでしょうか。
Last but not least, SAW registration will be open soon.  I decided to go back in September again.  This time I will extend my stay in New Hampshire and spend a few days with a friend, drive around New England, visit some Virginia Lee Burton places, and will take a letterpress class.  I can’t wait!
So lots and lots of things to plan and to do, I can hardly concentrate on one thing right now.  I think I need a year off from work.  If I don’t create now, I may burst or drown and die.