First of all. そのうち日本語付けます^—^

In Japanese, we have a word “takurami”, which means that the person is up to something, more frequently harmful but not necessarily always bad.  Sometimes we use the word for things like surprise parties and match making. I cannot quite find a suitable translation for this word.  Do you have any idea?
So, this year, I am up to somethings and decided to write about them.
1. Do more exercise.
Everyone says this every year, or even every week.  This time, I am truly committed.
It’s been more than a year since my health condition became stable, and I feel healthier and more energetic month by month.  I can tell.  
It used to be like, I had to take a breath while walking from the station to my office in the morning.  The 5 minutes fast walk was too much for me.  I could not run to cross a street while the traffic light is still green.  When I went to Seoul, I could not walk up to the foot of Namsan Tower without my sister pulling my arm.  Now I can go trekking and run.   I have more energy than I ever had since I was 20.
These days, especially on weekends, my body is not tired enough to sleep.  It is eye opening for me how much those “normal healthy people” can do in one week.  I didn’t have that for more than a decade.
So I’d love to try something new.  Like go hiking every month.  Like diving.
2. Re-learn how to drive.
There are so many places I want to go, on my own, without asking others to drive for me. My mom has a car she rarely drives. (Oh, just in case, you really don’t need a car in Tokyo, even if you can afford the ridiculous parking fee of $300 – $600 per month.)
3. Launch an online magazine.
This is already in planning, and I think we can disclose more details soon.
I learned that “finding a great partner is always the first thing you need to do” to start a new venture.
4. Study maths all over again.
I know it’s surprising to some Japanese people that you can get into national universities without really studying maths. But it’s true.  I don’t think I had been that helpless in high school, but I didn’t put my heart into studying it.  I just could not fathom why studying maths was even necessary.   Languages, history, literature, science, those were more fascinating.
If you ask me now, I’d say “the most useful subject you study in high school is maths, especially statistics.”  I’m not kidding.
5. Live simply.
I am cleaning up the mess I accumulated over the past several years.  Throw away books, reduce yarn, reduce clothes…
I cannot envision right now what will be waiting for me in 12 months from now.  But I can tell you, things are changing and so am I. 
And of course, these are “takurami”, so there is a hidden agenda behind it ;)