J Crewのカシミアショップ。
J Crewは大好きで、その傘下?のMadewellも大好き。というか、Madewellは私にとって完璧。売っているものやスタイリングが全部好きだし、自分に似合うと思う。セーターもクオリティが良い。
Love the new Cashmere Store by J Crew.  Love J Crew but I love Madewell far more.  I love everything that they sell, their art direction, details, collaboration with other brands.

My sister sent me a link to this online furniture store from UK – Made.com.  It is very unfortunate that we cannot order from outside of UK and Ireland.  Wish we can.  Very cool business model, too.

I encounter this Japanese cookie (it is made of bean powder, not flour) during the tea time at the weaving class.  It has a charming story behind it, and is quite old, like a few hundred years old.  It is a specialty of a small sweets shop in northern Japan, so I have to go visit there someday.