A happy new year! Wish you a magical, supernatural and spiritual 2013.


This will be a year of growth for me.  I planted lots of seeds in 2012, and I am going to take care of the little sprouts that just came out of the grounds.   I am going to focus my attention to them.

The other day, I talked about Susannah’s exercise for starting a new year, and I did finish filling in those pages on that day.  My words for 2013 are “Meditate” and “Immerse”.  You see, I need to power up my will of focus and concentration.  I feel like I am losing it in recent years – for example, I had to stand up and run into my kitchen twice before finishing the first sentence.  It’s crazy – I used to study and read for hours and hours non-stop, now I cannot even write a sentence without being distracted.  Focus.  That’s what I need this year.


And, I have a small announcement.  I am making a big career change, leaving Marketing behind, jumping into a deep well of Leadership and Organizational Development.  I got a job offer some weeks ago, but didn’t tell anyone except a few people (out of necessity), because I wasn’t sure if that would be the right move for me.  But here I am.  I’ve said it, so I am really, seriously, doing it.  I am starting from April.

The only risk there is is that I don’t know if I will succeed in the new company.   But I am certain that my new job will be super-interesting, and I know I will learn a lot while still getting paid.  So, all I have to do is to squash this little bag of fear and throw it far far away out of the window.  I could use all the blessing in the world this year – so please wish me luck!







それから、ひとつアナウンスメントがあります。春から転職することになりました。マーケティングのキャリアを一旦放置して、リーダーシップや組織開発のプロを目指します。お正月まで悩みに悩んでいたので(必要最低限の数人を除き)誰にも話していなかったのですが、親とも相談して決めました。今よりも自分の世界を広げられるチャンスが目の前にあったら、いかにリスクが高くても後戻りはしない。というか、平坦な道とリスクが高い道(Calculated Risk, still)があったら、リスクを取る。やらないで後悔するより、やってみて後悔するほうを選ぶ。という自分のポリシーに従いました。さて、もう公言しちゃったから、後戻りはできません。前進あるのみ。