FO! A pair of wrist warmers, designed by Danish knitwear designer, Marianne Isagar. Marianne gave me a kit several weeks ago when I visited her trunk show.  The pattern was well written, a lot of fun to knit.  Knitting a pair was not painful at all.

The only battle I had to win was against the “weave in ends” demon.  That was a tough one, even though the pieces are small.  I hope you get to buy this kit sometimes soon – I will let you know when that happens.


そして、長らく編んでいるIn The Skyの袖と身頃がやっと編み終わりました(下)。次はゴム編み。ふあ〜、やっとここまで来た、という感じです。引き続き頑張ります。

Also, I finally finished the main body/sleeves part of In The Sky (below).  Now onto the ribbing part.  Hope to complete it in January.





Despite my not-so-long knitting career, this craft has opened numerous doors and introduced me to great many wonderful people around the world. Especially since we’ve launched “amirisu“, so much has happened.

Both of us worked extremely hard this year, have done everything we could think of that might work.  Now that we’ve made 4 issues (including the one in the oven now), we were able to establish trust among ourselves, with collaborators, and with our customers. Many exciting things are happening – we are invited to upcoming events in 2014 and 2015(!), in conversation with publishers, receiving consultation inquiries, planning to travel to the States together next year… We love what we do.  Every day is a new day with a new dance.

There must be some magic power in knitting.






So, what are you knitting during the winter holidays?

What shall we knit next year?