I had nothing else to photograph today…this is my iMac and ink bottles.

These days, I am practically glued to my desk in my living room 14 hours a day, or longer. This is not good. Part of it is because we have been preparing to launch our online shop these past 2 weeks. Part of it is that WordPress plugin for translating website into Japanese sucked. I’ve wasted more than a month of my time trying to figure out how to make it work. In the end, I had to conclude that WPML does not work for Japanese. Ugh. They were kind enough to refund, but they did not pay for my wasted time, which is really sad.
The root cause for all these is that Etsy does not work well for Japanese customers. I hope they will translate their website into Japanese in the near future… but we could not wait for something we don’t know happening.
But, our shop is now live! I finally achieved the look I wanted – by becoming a quasi-guru in modifying php files. I am NOT a programmer, please be reminded. I just don’t have anyone to rely on. It is a trial and error process, and a very time consuming one.


So many things happening around me.

Our very first knitting retreat is *happening*~~~ in mid-May. The number of participants reached the optimal size, and I am so so happy for that. It is just wonderful that people believe in us, invested in something they’ve never seen before. It is going to be magical, I know it.  Donations from our sponsors are coming in – so many items!  I am grateful that they have decided to support our ultimate goal – to bring about some changes into the Japanese market.  It is happening!


And preparation for amirisu Issue 5 is going well.  We’ve had a styling session yesterday at my place, which was a lot of fun.  I love all the samples we’ve got this time!

Also, our new book project is officially “on”.  This time, we are not authoring but are partnering with our favorite designer.  The new title will hopefully be released in Japan later this year.


Lastly (the last among the things I can tell you at this point), I am going to TNNA!  If you happen to be a yarn maker, designer or retailer and happen to be there, please say hi to me.  I only know a couple of people, and I will be roaming about on my own for the most part.  I am so excited about this new experience!

The upcoming TNNA will be held in Indianapolis.  It so happens that back when I was a student at UC Davis, I designed a new annex site for Indianapolis Museum of Art as a Landscape Architecture class assignment.  I am hoping to visit the museum while I am in the city.

So, hope to see you soon at Indianapolis!







Brooklyn Tweed のベストセラーパターンも、新たに日本語版を追加しました。