I get lost quite easily, all the time. There is no clear path in front of me, and I get distracted and wander off into the wild. Sometimes it makes me feel I am doing a loop over and over again.  So writing down a Life List seems like a great starting point.

The list will grow, will be aged and scratched, like the owner, myself.



1. Hokkaido, to see the iceberg ( I sort of did?)
2. Southern part of Kyushu Island, Japan
3. Itoshiro village in Gifu
4. Hakodate, Hokkaido

Outside of Japan
1. Scotland, Edinburgh, to Harris Tweed mills, Fair Isle
2. Finland, Norway and Sweden in Summer
3. Visit Louisiana Museum of Art in Denmark
4. Seattle
5. New England
6. Toronto, Quebec, Prince Edward Island in Canada
7. Morocco
8. Montpelier to see Lau!
9. Slovenia, to the resort area on the coast
10. Iceland
11.New Zealand
12. Prague
13. Alaska
14. Sydney
15. Greek Islands
16. Patagonia
17. New Mexico, Ghost Ranch



1. Write a book
2. Move to a bigger place, have an art studio, and paint
3. Take photography lessons
4. Learn to run or bike or hike (it may sounds so easy for many people, but I had been sick since I was 8.)
5. I want to become part of an organization that helps sick children. I didn’t get any help myself, but wish someone did.
6. Publish a magazine
7. Make my own quilt
8. Re-learn driving and go on a road trip
9. Go back to Urban Design / Ecological Planning in one way or another, even if it is unprofessionally
10. Master the art of wearing kimono (doing it now)
11. Learn to ride horses
12. Volunteer at KCRW
13. Appear on a radio show or do narration on some TV program
14. Run a retreat
15. Learn cappuccino art
16. Go to an art college
17. Have a dog
18. Move to the countrysideKyoto is not a countryside…but closer.

…this is harder. I definitely need more time.