Twiggy Tunic
Originally uploaded by sparklink02

You are currently viewing my Semi-completed Twiggy Tunic. First work that I am really satisfied and that is truly wearable. I stayed up till 3 am finishing sewing and taking very bad photos of me in it. You can see it finished following the link to my Flickr page ^ ^ I am asking my sister to take a very good picture with her brand new camera next week.

It is not so obvious but I made several crucial errors… such as dropping a stick in the very center panel. I noticed that there were only 68 stitches in the rib where there were supposed to be 69… too late. but I was able to hide it well. Also, for the neckline, I was supposed to “Wrap” before turning, but I did not read the instruction on how to wrap until after I completely finished it. Fortunately for me is that I switched to smaller needle so that the gap is not so obvious.

Although I love the yarn, I decided that I will never work with 4 strands together next time. It is time consuming, because you can easily loose one strand along the way. Weaving is also a pain with 4 strands. Next time I will just pick up heavier yarn.

All in all, it is a very satisfying work. The only modifications I made was that I added two more rows of ribbing on sleeves, and changed needles for knitting the ribs.