There was a college alumni party on Saturday.  I really would not have gone unless my friends asked me to.

Somehow, I’d never really gotten in touch with those people I was close with during the early days of my college.  I knew most of the girls of my year, and I used to party with my classmates all the time.  None of those survived after graduation.  The only people I still keep in touch are my research group colleagues.

In other words, I really had forgotten how it was to be a fresh and uncertain college girl, amongst the majority of intimidating male students.  My college was still pretty much “male dominant” world.  I was reminded of this fact everytime I went to the bathrooms, which obviously had been converted from guys bathroom, small and uncomfortable.  Girls you saw on campus were 40% from other colleges, and still there were not enough girls to change the atmosphere.

Professors were not that demanding, and students were distracted by so many things going on in their lives.  Those people like me who did not belong to any sport teams, we all felt a bit marginalized and felt being minorities, until we started dating one of “them”.

All these, I had totally, completely forgotten.  Hahaha.

You can perhaps get a sense of it from the photo.  It was ear-hurtingly loud.  And me being at the very back of the crowd, not really interested in what was going on.  See?

You see there are cheer leaders on the stage...

You see there are cheer leaders on the stage...


The party was fun.  I was able to re-connect many many girls I used to be close with.  Guys – they’ve  either changed, or I just didn’t know them in the first place.  I may get some photos later on, because one of my friends were taking photos pretty heavily around me :)