今週末は普通通りの真面目で良い週末でした(meaning, I went to both a piano lesson and the french class)。でもヤフオクで買い物しすぎてしまいました。。。なぜなら(右の写真)。これ以上のアップは遠慮します。。。(笑)


I watched a commencement speech by JK Rowling at Harvard Kennedy School last year on Youtube.  It was so good.  I love her sense of humor, in that speech and in her works as well.  She is optimistic at heart but she’s been through dark times and has seen people with huge hardships.  She can still laugh about it.  This characteristics is reflected in her works for sure.  Really amazing person.  

J’ai regarde la remise des diplomes a Harvard sur Youtube.  Il y avait JK Rowling. Elle a parle de son experience difficile, et de l’imagination.  Elle a demande aux etudiants diplomes d’aider ceux qui souffrent.  C’etait tellement emouvant que j’etais au bord des larmes.