The book I am reading now is “Ende’s Last Messageエンデの遺言”, the book that puts questions about “what is it that we call money?”. It seems there had been a documentary series on NHK almost 10 years ago, based on Ende’s questions about the significance of money in the modern society. This book is based on this program. As he grew old, writing about the question he posed became his lifework, and finally NHK wanted to make a program out of it, only to complete it after Ende had passed away.
I think in the modern society there are two types of people. Those who love to think about money, and those who are scared of thinking too much about money. I am quite honestly the latter. As a student, while studying about various subjects, I realized that the economic system is what the source of so many difficulties, but I did not really wanted to think about it. I did not want to think about making money. I’d got scared by the economics classes. I did not want to think about those investment banks, investing money, or people who do it for their living. All those things just made me really scared.
Obviously, Ende was one of those people who were courageous enough to really think about it and doubt it. I will try to be a little courageous and read what he had to say in this book.
You can watch the NHK program on youtube, too. I haven’t watched it, but should be a good one.

Next up in line are: a few books on forensic anthropology (犯罪人類学), then a book on Finland.