A close friend of mine and I discuss about many many things every time we have dinner together, and we finally realized that we may be able to write a book if we start scribbling what we talk about. Both of us, I think, are rather naive and idealists (or just me), and are always interested in so many things. We both read several books simultaneously, so between both of us we tend to have 10 books to talk about. I watch movies all the time and the friend watch youtube all the time.
Anyway, for these reasons, it would be an extremely difficult task for someone to shut us up when we have these discussions, splashed with a couple of glasses of wine. It’s funny because we don’t talk much about ourselves, we always talk about “things” and “issues.”
Now I am watching Before Sunset again, and as a friend of mine told me and as I’d written in blog before, Celine is so much like me. I love the bookstore “Shakespeare and Co.” that appears in the film, I went there and spent a few hours browsing through books imagining “this is where they shot the film!” She is also extremely talkative and talk about many things.
Anyway, I was going to write about our conversation for the record keeping sake, but I can’t remember much now. It was probably about how human beings have explored the unknowns, and that endeavor had driven the evolution of the society. That we don’t have much room for discovery now, now that all parts of the Earth and even a little bit of the space have been explored. And the discovery and improvements per unit effort has become so minimal in the modern society. So maybe we just should live with what we have, what technology we have, should technology be advance than now? I said no, I believe that our society will decay if we stop being curious and stop trying on something extravagant and outrageous. We agreed that our human beings are still stupid and have not changed, but the society itself has become better and better over the centuries. We talked about the globe is becoming colder. We talked about life in scandinavian countries. All scandinavian countries, without fail, used to have a law that forced non-german minority to have sterilization surgery (so that they can’t have children). As late as until 1970s! It may be that their social systems are not so friendly after all.
Can’t remember any more. Will continue.