_0014264 This is truly a wonderful book, if you have slightest interest in yarn or spinning.  It teaches you how to mix colors to create those one-of-the-kind yarn.   It is interesting that fiber is like paints, if you mix various colors too much, it just becomes muddy brown.  Anyway, I know none of you are interested.  Sorry!






_0014266 The famous book by the physicist Richard Feynman.  I read it when I was 13 or 14, and largely influenced by it.  I borrowed all the physics books from the school library and, I confess now, never returned them.  Those books were in the library for at least several years, and no one before me ever opened them, and looked absolutely brand new.

Anyway, I know this book is very good, and could not resist buying it during my lunchtime stroll.  It’s been so long, so I am sure I will enjoy it.

For some of you who do are not familiar with this book, it’s published under the name “ご冗談でしょう、ファインマンさん” and it’s his essays about his studies and life.  He was in a team to develop the first nuclear weapon during the WWII.  Great sense of humor.


_0014267 OK, I was hoping to finish this before watching the movie, but I don’t know.  Heard that Angels&Demons is more interesting than the Da Vinci Code. 

I think I bought this book before, and then sold it without reading… Reading, definitely, this time.

I have been reading several novels these days, a kind that I would not recommend to anyone.  Those are light historical mysteries, the kind which you can write in modern setting and achieve the same results.  But they are good mysteries nevertheless, and I also learn very insignificant historical details like how the british society functioned in the 19th century.