After I made a neckwarmer with Twinkle yarn, which I love so much, I had been planning to dive into another Twinkle yarn project.  This is it!

Pattern: Envy by John Brinegar (Ravelry, Pattern)
Yarn: Twinkle Soft Chunky by Classic Elite (Color: Urchin)
Notions: Circular needle in US17 (12.5mm), Buttons 3cm x 3

The yarn is one of the chunkiest ones you can find out there.  I used to complain that the yarn has lots of pieces of hay and grass, but it seems the quality has been improved.  It’s very soft and gorgeous.
I didn’t really check my gauge, so I wrap it around my neck as I knit and ended up knitting 9 repeats of cables.  It feels still a little bit small, and I hoped I used up all the yarn. I could have done 9.5 or 10 repeats.
The buttons are I found at the local craft shop.  3cm buttons were the largest they had, so I pinched the edges of the button holes and made them smaller.  I recommend to do just 1 stitch BO when making the button holes. 2 stitches creates too big a hole.
The result is pretty and I am very happy about it.  It only took a few hours to knit.  LOVE!