This afternoon I did something that I never had done before.

Unravel a project and cultivate the yarn.

I disassembled my very first sweater project from almost 2 years ago.  It was the project that gave me enough confidence to continue knitting.  It was the very first something I accomplished with knitting.  Though, it was a mess, unwearable piece of junk.

At first I thought it was the yarn.  The super-bulky heavy weight Twinkle yarn, which makes you wonder if you can really call it a yarn rather than a fiber.  Then I thought it was the pattern of Wenlan about which people often complain.  But I knew exactly what was wrong.  My knitting skill.

Somehow, this afternoon, I decided and realized that my skill is now good enough to make something better with that yarn.  Realized that my skill has gotten to the next level.

Unraveling this project took me a few hours.  Of course, considering the cost of yarn, it totally worth it.  But it was a messy business and I kept wondering if I knew what I was doing 2 years ago when I made that sweater.  I really didn’t know anything.  Things got entangled with too much complexity and sometimes it was difficult to find a clue how to solve.  It’s so much like a life itself.

Knitting is fascinating in a way that you can redo things and remake things with the yarn and knowledge you get from the project.  The only thing lost is your time.  I wish life was like that.  I wish we can entangle our relationships and stresses and despairs and remake something much much better, with much learnt, much wiser spirit.  And get on to the next level.