Paolo Nutini Live at KCRW on Chris Douridas 09.05.09.

The other day I blogged about this guy, Paolo Nutini. I had one of his song called “Million Faces” as part of the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack, and it is really great. So I bought his last album, These Streets
The album is great, and I was going to write about it on this blog again. It’s kind of like Jamie Callum’s mature voice singing Jason Muraz songs.

Then, the other day I was browsing through Chris Douridas Shows on KCRW, and found an episode with Paolo Nutini and his new album. You know what? I was stunned. What happened to him? He is like 23, from Scotland, and now singing like Southern blues or something. It’s kind of like one day he was wearing a T-shirts and jeans, then the next day he showed up wearing a pink jacket. He’s a got great voice, though.

Anyway, These Streets was great.