The first encounter was, actually, the recommendation by Amazon. But I did not really paid much attention.
Then my friend sent me a link to this site: Saltorialist.
Now I am completely hooked.
This is a blog of a famous fashion photographer, who takes photos on the streets of those people with styles. Those people may be wearing high fashion, or 50 year-old decaying suits. But they all have their own styles.
And there is a book based on this blog. The Sartorialist. It’s really fascinating, you won’t regret buying it.

今日近所のツタヤでコーヒーを飲んでいたらこの本(LIKE A PRETTY WOMAN)の出版記念トークイベントをやっていました。興味がないので近くに行かなかったので顔も見ていないのですが、話を聞いていた限り、なんか薄っぺらい感じがしました。「スタイル」じゃなくて「モノ」にこだわる感じ。この二つは近いようで全然遠い話だと思うのです。