The Lovely Bones

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson and a bestseller novel.  What more can you expect in one film?  I had been so looking forward to this film, and I went to watch it this afternoon.  It’s one of the films I wanted to go with a company, but I had no one and I really wanted to watch it today.  It was beautiful, wonderful and touching.

The story is about a 14-year-old girl, who was happily in love with her classmate, who lived with a still-very-much-in-love parents and 2 siblings.  One evening in December she was murdered by a psycho killer in her neighborhood.  She gets stuck in a place between here and the heaven.  Her family struggles to cope with her death and is falling apart.

The scenes in this world were so very realistic, the in-betweens very dreamy and inconsistent, and extremely imaginative. I thought I would cut back some heaven scenes for they sometimes gets a bit dragging, but overall, the story is great and I love the camerawork.  I highly recommend it.

My Sunday

The rest of my Sunday was interesting.

I washed about 15 pairs of socks. (remember, I started wearing multiple layers of socks a week ago.)

I heard a sound of cello over the phone

My favorite sushi box at a neighborhood deli got a 30%-off tag right in front of my eye (yey!)

My stomach got over the pain from yesterday’s biopsy.

I went to my favorite select shop and found a super-cute dress and a lovely top at half price.

And there was something weird happened when I was shopping.

There was a tall but not-so-good-looking guy coming right behind me, when I was browsing through stacks of clothes and displays.  He was so right behind me, I was uncomfortable and looked at his direction.  I swear he looked at me then, too.  Well, perhaps he was just coming towards the same general direction.  OK.  So I moved on.

Then I was just looking at a beautiful rose-color jacket and thinking if the color goes well with my skin, someone talked me from right behind me, “that looks so old-lady-like”.  What?!  It was that guy.  Somehow he was standing 5 inches from me, looking at this jacket.

OK, I am not a 20 years old student, I think I can handle the jacket alright, thank you very much.  Besides, it’s none of his business!  This time, I looked at him directly in his eyes.  He ran away so quickly that I wasn’t even able to see what expression he had on his face.  I am sure he went back to his girlfriend, whoever it was, and left the shop instantly, for I did not see him again.

SO WHAT WAS HE, following my head or my shoulder bag?  I can tell you, he will break up with his girlfriend before the cherry blossom.

I don’t know why I feel so disgusted by this guy – I wasn’t even thinking about buying that jacket, so it’s not about what he said.  (Japanese size jackets do not fit me at all.  They are either too wide around the waist or too tight around the chest.)  But I think he was my least favorite kind.  My judgement of people is often quite accurate, I think.  He seemed to be a kind of guy who complains about his wife’s cooking at every dinner, or complains about his wife to his mom.  And he’s probably a type of people who are always so mean to customer service reps beyond the level of necessity.  He probably blame people so much that whenever his girlfriends dump him, he wants to demand financial compensations for his wasted time.  I hate these people.

Gosh, I don’t know what I am doing.  My Sunday was pretty fun and good.  This small incident didn’t spoil it.

Anyway, below are books I saw at the book store. (Found interesting, didn’t buy.)

Left is a collection of works by a famous Japanese poet, Shuntaro Tanigawa.

On the right is a book about Caravaggio.