I watched two films in the theaters over the weekend.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I absolutely loved it!  I went to watch it by myself on the theater opening day. .. didn’t want anybody to spoil my excitement!
There were some moments that I wished the film makers had kept the original story, but otherwise the visualization was pretty awesome.  I especially liked how Poseidon transforms himself from his god shape into his human shape.  All the actors who played Olympian gods were gorgeous, I especially like Zeus and Poseidon!
Well, I have to admit that Pierce Brosnan looks a bit ridiculous in half-horse shape…


The Valentines’ Day

Went with a close friend.  We both loved it!  It was a bit like the one and only “Love Actually”, with a positive atmosphere and happy endings.  Well, a bit more “American”  and simple-minded than Love Actually.  I think, if Ashton proposed, there is no girl on this planet who would say no. That part was so unrealistic.  And the combination of the gay couple was a bit…well… you will agree with me if you watch it.  A great chick movie, for 100% sure.