This is just a quick note that I will be visiting Korea this Wed night through Friday.  They decided to send me suddenly on a very short notice, because I am more peaceful and friendly than my boss ;)

I won’t have much time (for shopping, which is good, I can’t spend more right now), but I will be catching up with my best friend there, so I am really excited!

I love visiting Korea.  People are generally friendly (except some instants when I encounter people who hate Japanese) and foods excellent.  And somehow, Korean guys look better to me than Japanese (of course, just generally speaking).  But at the same time, there is something scary about Korean people (no offense!) which is mysterious and very interesting intellectually.  For the rest of the world, Korean and Japanese would probably look very very similar, but I can tell you, there are no two countries which sit right next to each other and so so different.  Perhaps Germany and France?

Which then reminds me that I need to get back to work for preparation…