Of course, everyone is looking at iPad now, not at simple eBook readers.  I know.

But I already have my iPhone and I endear it as my best pal.  It seems rather stupid to carry both an iPhone and an iPad around.  Plus, I have a Macbook at home.

It is possible to read ebooks with my iPhone, using Kindle for iPhone application.  But it is tiny, and it is not good for your eyes (liquid crystal screen – same with an iPad).  Also I am starting to realize that Amazon’s Kindle store has a very limited offering, and many items are not available from Asia.

The other day I met a person who loves her Nook.  She said that she chose Nook over Kindle only because she can lend and borrow books between her circle of friends.  I don’t have any friends who has a Nook, but at least her comments validate that it is a very good option.

I kind of love how Kindle looks, actually far better than iPad and Nook.  But the narrow selection of available titles frustrates me.

I don’t know.  eBooks (for the reader tools) are still unavailable in Japan.  It feels like the Japanese publishing industry is 5 years behind.  I really hate that.