I have recently been reading Steve Lopez’ articles on LA Times.Com.

Yes, the famous Steve Lopez who became the model of the journalist in the movie, the Soloist.

I have been thinking about him for quite some time since I saw the movie.  The music and the story were fantastic, but what I loved the most in the film was the scenes when Robert Downy Jr. narrates the articles.

I realized two things out of this:

(1) I love to listen to people with great voice reading something out loud.  I probably love it more than listening to the music.

(2) I love to read professional journalist/writers’ columns.  There are something similar to that in Japan, but it is not an established and developed field like in the western culture.  You rarely see “opinions” and unique views in newspapers in Japan.  I love Malcolm Gladwell’s essays, as well as Steve Lopez’, and I am sure there are many many great writers out there to investigate.

So, the article.  Now I know how movie producers decided to make a film out of it.  It’s very dramatic yet objective, with great rhythm and warmth.

Read it, if you haven’t.