It was a sunny day, such a perfect weather for a small neighborhood stroll.  I managed to bring all my winter boots to a shoe repair shop, did some other chores and felt pretty good about myself.  So, on did I ventured to an exhibition that I was dying to see.  I had written about this person some time ago (a year or two?) when I bought a book on her beautiful work, but anyway there is a show going on for a great Austrian/English potter, Lucie Lie.

The collection was far greater than I had expected.  Apart from the signature style of very simple and colorful yet serene vases and bowls, she invented and rediscovered so many different methods which resulted in diverse beautiful textures.  Still, all of them are so Lucie.  I love her pink the best of all, but other styles were equally intriguing. It was totally worth my $15 and I wouldn’t mind going back there again.

By the way, her surname “Lie” is her husband’s name.  Even though they were married for a very short while, she had kept it forever.  I think she probably loved the rhyme of Lucie and Lie, and preferred it for it sounds and looks more “artisan” than her original name.  Lovely.

The thing that surprised me the most about her work was the preciseness.  She kept record of every single trial and mixture of colors and materials.  Some of her works are very simplistic, look almost as if made by the industrial production, but the amount of work put into them are truly amazing.  Such attention to the tiniest details.  This is the key that made her work so appealing, current and relevant.

Value of things stopped coming from how much they cost or who are the owners.  Rather, how much attention and energy put into the creating process makes all the difference.

Check out her exhibition at New National Art Museum (Shin Kokuritsu Bijutsukan) in Roppongi, running through mid June.