I’ve got so many birthday withes this year from the moment I woke up. Actually, since 2 days ago. So, I have been in a pretty good mood all day! Thank you so much, all!

Many of them came through Facebook and another community site for knitters. Some people complain about the mal-effect of the highly networked society, but personally I feel blessed by being connected to many caring people around the globe. Those people who abuse the Internet will find a way of hurting people anyway, with our without the Internet.

My colleagues have took me out for a birthday lunch to a near-by cafe/pub. It’s a tiny place, so we had the space to ourselves, and they even decorated the ceiling for me! My colleagues gave me a cute purse and a lovely flower bouquet. Thank you so much!!! I had a blast :)

My mom and sister gave me their present already – a leather book cover, hand made. HAND MADE! (not by them, but by a very talented craftsman.) You know I read a lot, so it was a perfect gift for me.

The only setback is that I am still at work and it doesn’t seem like I go home soon… I will post some photos when I get home tonight.