My weekend (+ Monday) was passed half unconscious. I mean, I was almost unconscious half the time. Really scared.
I caught flu from a friend of mine on Thursday, although I didn’t feel a thing until I went home Friday night after work. SATC2 was waiting for me at the neighborhood theater, but once I arrived home, flu broke out and the fever kicked in. Without eating, I slept until Saturday noon. The temperature went up from 100F to 105F degrees (38C to 40C). I woke up, took some migraine pills, felt better, but towards the evening I still had 105F. Gosh.
I haven’t had this high fever in a long time, and last time I had it I was in a hospital, so I didn’t know what to do. On top of it, I can’t take anti-biotics (I am allergic), or painkillers and such (my chronic disease gets worse). I couldn’t think of anything I can do except drinking sports drink and sleep (my sister sent some over). I worried if my brain would get permanently damaged from high temperature and wondered if I should go to the ER.
Finally, my mom came over from far, answering my emergency call. I felt really bad but I couldn’t move, eat, nor take medicine.
Luckily, by Sunday noon, the temperature went down from super high to normal high, and I wasn’t scared anymore.

This made me wonder, will high fever really damage your brain? There are brief mentioning here and there in Wikipedia and other places, but nothing clearly explains the details. I wanted to know which temperature would damage which part of your brain in how much time.
On the other hand, fever is supposed to kill germs and cure your body, so you are not supposed to take antipyretic unless something is really wrong. I didn’t know.

All in all, I still feel pretty exhausted, lost weight and stamina again, but am back to work, thanks to my mom and my sister. These days I am a little tired of trying to eat well and get nourished, because I keep loosing what I build up… Now I have to start all over again.