Again, it has been a while, so how have you been?
The only reason I haven’t been updating my blog for half a month is that I had been knitting. Really hard. It almost felt like a physical training at times, when I still kept going while my arms got exhausted. I am hoping to photograph some of the works properly this weekend, to finally post them here. Please be patient!

The big news I have is SAW – Squam Art Workshop. I found out about them through Ysolda’s blog (my knitting goddess!), when she attended a yearly Knitting/Textile workshop. I decided not to wait until next year, and to go to their Fall visual art session. I am soooo excited!

The workshops are held at a camp site / mountain lodge in New Hampshire, right beside a national park area. I have never been to that part of the States, only up to Boston, so this is my very first time. I heard that it’s beautiful there in September.

If anyone intend to attend the Fall workshop, I wonder if we can share a ride from Boston area… that is, give me a ride. I can’t drive, but I will pay for my share of costs. Please let me know!