My grandpa was a navy officer during the WWII, and he used to say that the navy was all about elegance.  After the war, he brought back several things from the ship, such as silverware, and the other was this wristwatch.
When he gave it to me several years ago, I often wore it around, but the winding parts got broken.  A few weeks ago I finally got around to bring it to a local watch repair.  They told me the parts do not exist anymore so they might have to replace it with a new one.  But, voila!  They actually replicated the old rod and from outside, it’s the same old watch.
This pre-war period watch is the most antique item that I own.  It surprised me that the navy at that time distributed this expensive-looking watch to officers, and that the watch is American.  
The glass is pretty thick.  As you can imagine, it’s heavy and loud and all, but I still love it.