These days I cannot help but notice the lack of understanding in nuclear radiation among the general American people (by “general” I don’t mean to include those educated and interested people).  My assumption is based on the fact that what appears on TV indicates the average level of understanding in certain subject.  At least, it is true in Japan.

When Jack Bauer (in 24, of course) narrowly escaped nuclear explosion in Los Angeles, my mouth fell open.  It is not a joke.   How can someone think about a nuclear explosion in such a populated city?!  (And if you see an explosion in such a close distance, you would probably die…)
Thousands of people would perish within seconds, and tens or hundreds of thousand people, even if they survive, would suffer from immunity system failure or cell regeneration failure, cancer, leukemia, as long as they live.  High percentage of survivors would die within several years.  That was what the nuclear bombs were capable of, over 70 years ago. (And I don’t know how much progress scientists made in the past 70 years…)
It is too bad luck to even think about a story of nuclear explosion over a major city, in my opinion.

And then, there was a TV series Heroes (which I watched recently and loved so much).  One of the guys  had a power to cause nuclear explosion when he gets upset.  I was so surprised when no one tried to run when he was about to explode.

It seems that those Hollywood film makers think nuclear bomb is an upgraded version of fire bombs!  I sincerely hope that the ignorance is only among those rating-seeking TV series makers in LA, not the general public.

As we speak, UNESCO decided to add Bikini Islands to their World Heritage list.  The US conducted nuclear bomb testing 67 times there, and people who live in surrounding islands still suffer from the exposure.