Well, tonight both Ade and Melissa got kicked out (please see the previous post) right before the season finale, and I am literally disappointed.  But I will be strong, be ready for a new week to start.

I’ve watched some films recently so here they are:

The A-Team
I know, it’s just another stupid Hollywood film, but I really wanted to watch it because 3 of the starring actors were my favorites.  I am really glad I did!  It’s shallow, yes, but so much fun!

The Blind Side
The Blind Side:
Heard that Sandra Bullock won an Oscar with this film.  Based on a true story, a rich southern woman adopted a homeless kid off the street, and he became a pro football player.  People’s hearts were so warm and caring, characters great, and I absolutely loved it!

The film is also based on a true story, about South African rugby team winning the World Cup right after Nelson Mandela was elected as their president.  I had no idea how great a man he is.  The word “Great” cannot even describe the man.  Loved it.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus:
I really wanted to watch this when it was still in theaters, but I missed it.  The last film with Heath Ledger, and he was brilliant.  Because he passed away while filming this project, Johnny Depp and 2 other actors replaced the un-filmed parts.  We lost a great actor at so young an age… I didn’t care when River Phoenix passed away, but I still miss Heath Ledger.
The film was very interesting and beautiful.  Wonderful execution.