Today I read an incredible story on the latest issue of Courrier Japon magazine.
Have you heard about a lady called Marta Eugenia Rodriguez de la Torre?
Her IQ is 220, and her resume proves that there is such a thing (or person) called “genius” on this earth.

Marta dissembled a washing machine behind her mother’s back at the age of 5, being curious how it worked.
She earned 26 degrees from American universities before she turned 18.
It’s like a movie or fantasy story.

While she was in college, she was interested in computers then got bored with them, for computers can only do what humans ordered.  Now she studies about human brains.

I was fascinated by what she is studying, and I really want to read something that she has written, but so far what I found was all in Spanish.  If anyone knows about her publication in English,  please please let me know!