My distant uncle picked some veggies from their field last week, and this pumpkin is one of them.
I don’t like American pumpkin, very watery, fiberly, and taste strange (no offense!).  This Asian/Japanese pumpkin is less watery, taste almost like chestnut or sweet potato.  Usually, I simply cook it with deluded milk and some spices until the milk is almost gone.
Most common way to cook pumpkin in Japan is to cook it in a salty/sweet soup (made with dashi, soysauce, suger, and a bit of saki).  Unfortunately, I don’t like it that much… the mixture of sweet and salty does not appeal to me.
Chestnut is also my favorite snack in this season.  We used to get a lot from my mom’s relatives every fall.  Sometimes my mom cooked them with rice, or make some desert, but most of the time she just boil them.  Afterwards, we cut them in halves and scoop the inside with spoons.
I did not want to buy them at a supermarket, for they were pretty expensive in my neighborhood, but I couldn’t resist.  Last week, I saw a lot of chestnuts just falling from trees on the roads everywhere… for free.