Japanese follows. 日本語は下に。

Here comes a yarn picture (knew it would come at least once this month, for photographing yarn is the primary usage of my beloved camera).

Today I am thankful and honored that veera (link works for Ravelry member only), my knitter friend from Ravelry, asked me to become her test knitter for her new design, and sent me the pattern.  I am so so very happy!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only I love the design of this particular sweater, I love everything she knits and design.

So above yarn is a candidate for this project.  I have another yarn in a different color, and I haven’t decided yet.

(I also went to Adam Lambert concert here in Tokyo tonight, but that will be on another post.)


(ちなみに、今日はAdam Lambertのコンサートにも行ってきましたが、それはまた改めて。)