I worked 12 hours today, and I didn’t spend time on reading blogs.  So I am truly sincerely thankful that the public transportation in my town is so great.  My trains came in no time and took me home straight away.

My colleagues vacationed in different places, and they all came back with their “subway” experiences.  I am sorry for French people, but the metro in Paris was voted as #1 for “the worst subway experience ever.”  (Although I do love to look at it in movies, such as “Paris, je t’aime”, the metro episode is my favorite.)

A while ago, there was a documentary on TV, featuring those people in Tokyo Metro companies who maintain subway time-tables/diagrams.  There are professional people who passionately improve the diagrams so that the trains won’t be 30 seconds late (or 10 seconds).
We hear announcements on trains like, “we are sorry that this train is a minute late.” Which is funny sometimes.
Some people may say that’s a waste of time, but I wouldn’t mind paying extra for the trains to be always on time.  Subway stations are often air-conditioned, and still the fare is probably cheaper than NYC or London (depending on the exchange rate, but generally).

(((In case you are wondering, the photo is of a subway station.  Some stations have walls/doors between the platforms and the trains, so that people won’t fall…)))