Since it’s been a month passed after the Squam is over, I decided to hastily post some photos from my classes.
On my first day, I took a mixed media class taught by our lovely teacher, Sarah.
After a brief introduction, we went outside and did some sketch.  I took this photo too.
My sketch pad on the right.

Then, we played a little game.  With a prompt, we passed around a bunch of cards with instructions such as “use a stamp”, “draw something with your eyes closed”, “cut something from a book and paste onto your board”.  A new card comes every 2 minutes, and boy, that was hard!!!!  I never imagined 2 minutes was that short.

I also made my name tag during the class.

Below is my second piece.  I created a theme around the photo I found in Sarah’s stack.  The couple looked so happy, that I wanted a happy picture all around them.

In reality, we didn’t really have any time to think, so I just put whatever came to my mind…

And then this one, the motif is from my sketch I’d done at the beginning of the class.  It’s still half done.

It was fun!  I think Mix Media will become one of my things.