Yesterday was another difficult day, although, I felt stronger myself and felt it easier to endure.  Perhaps thanks to this dog, Bailey!  He is a therapy dog, owned by the Tyler Foundation, for those children with cancer.  People from the Foundation visited our company for a charity event.  They said they traveled all the way from Hamamatsu driving, because in Japan, therapy dogs are not allowed on public transportation.
Bailey is a very very calm and sweet dog… he won’t hurt anyone at all.

I could not sleep well and am up before 6 AM…

Also yesterday, a friend of mine sent me this photo.  It was such a coincidence that I met him for the first time, exactly 10 years ago yesterday.
Hope it is alright to show to everyone, especially to Retta!
I am more of a dog person, but still, the kitten is so so cute.

Thank you, all!