Today I am thankful for a day off.  I’ve had a terrible headache yesterday and this morning, and I took a sick leave. 
I just stayed home and watched Grey’s Anatomy, season 4, which I bought a year ago but haven’t watched.
I am also thankful for the series, that watching it makes my life look a lot better, less of a mess.
(It also helps me get used to the natural speaking speed at the same time.  Kills two birds with one shot.  I also have to add that Meredith and Derek came together at the end of the season 4, so I can sleep happily tonight.)
Photos from yesterday.  Look at the alan sweater dress!  
I can totally knit this.  Lovely.

There had been an opening of a film festival in my neighborhood, and I didn’t know about it, watched it on the news in the evening.
Anyway, the Armani boutique has these fantastic dresses on their window now.  It’s my 8-year-old-ish dream to one day wear that kind of dress for an occasion.  Just once.  I love the blue one.

 At a book store, the craft and architecture sections are on my regular route.  I found two new books by my favorite architect, but didn’t buy them because my piles of books are growing and growing.

Among Japanese architects, Hiroshi Naito is one of my favorites.  He is a good educator and a good person too.  These books, his interviews with other architects and designers, should be really a great read.