I skipped a day.  I feel defeated.

Yesterday, I heard on a radio (KCRW-music) Paul McCartney talking about the song “blackbird”.  He said it was not about just anyone, but he meant it to be for black people. (I don’t even know what is the politically correct term now… I personally think black is cool, much cooler than yellow.) Then he played the song in the studio.  The whole thing was from their 2002 archive.
Thank you, it was great.

The day started out weird.
An old man on the train told me to turn off my mobile because “they say so on stickers on the wall.”  I looked up, there, on the wall behind the priority seats, there are stickers saying “turn off your mobile in this area”.
If you go to other countries, people are eating, chatting, doing whatever they want on trains.  In Japan, you have to be quiet, cannot annoy others, cannot eat nor drink, and you are not allowed to talk on the phone.  They also demand you to turn off your mobile, which is, think about it, completely unrealistic and illogical.

I remember 10 years ago that they were asking us to switch off for those people with heart pace makers.  I get that.  Then I realized, they don’t ask me to switch off my mobile in any hospitals these days.  I googled it, and found out that based on the Government’s annual research, you have to put your mobile within 1cm of a heart pace maker to affect in any way. Come on, 1cm!

So of course, I wrote an email to the railway company to give me “the logical reason why they demand us to switch off.”


In the afternoon, the metal thing covering my tooth came off, so I had to go to the dentist.

When I came home, the apartment elevator was out of order and under maintenance.  In my building, you can come down through exterior stairs, but you can’t go in from outside.  So the elevator is the only way up.  I had to make a call and wait for 15 minutes at the entrance, empty stomached, when it was pouring outside, cold.

But then it was not a bad day.  Just so weird that everything happens in one day.