Today I am thankful for my Kindle.  I didn’t really use it today, but anyway.  I have been showing it off around all month, so I am also thankful for people who displayed excitements for me even when they couldn’t care less.

But honestly, I am quite fascinated by it.  I haven’t named it yet, though.  You know, my computer has a name.  I always choose black color for all my gadgets, so the names are usually male names.  This time, my Kindle is white, but why do you want to call your Kindle “Jane”?  It’s got to be men’s name.  Copernicus, maybe?

I have a tendency to feel incredibly attached to my things, like mobile phone.  It is always hard to let an old one go.  My iPhone 3G is 2+ years old, with an old camera and all, but I just don’t have a heart to see him off and get a 4G.  It is just so cruel.

In case you are wondering, my mac is Alain, and my iPhone is Arsene.   How can you part with your Arsene Lupin?

On a last note, I love her singing, and I also completed a cardigan today.