A friend, whom I mentioned in this blog before, is a city planner who works globally and travels a lot (my dream job).  But he has gotten too busy lately, way too busy than a person should be.  He misses his time walking around new cities, taking photos.  For city planners, designers, architects and landscape architects altogether, town-walk is like one common hobby that all of them have.

Of course, all of us like to travel to new cities and walk around and take pictures.  But these people really walk a lot, not particularly to visit tourist spots or museums, but to see the streets, people, and where and how they live.  Right after I started my graduate program (urban design), I ruined my favorite sandals by mistakenly wearing them to an expedition led by our professor.

So, when he told me that he used to take pictures a lot when he traveled, to forget his time, and to find himself completely exhausted and starving (I thought this is fascinating, because I have never forgotten myself taking photos), I suggested to do that again.  Since he is extremely busy, he can’t find enough time during the day, so he decided to do it in the morning, just for a few minutes.

Morning pictures from around the world.

He gave me his permission to show you a few of his photos here on my blog.

Barcelona – looks so modern!

Lyad – only men are outside at a cafe… feels strange

Casablanca – my favorite photo!  Lovely.

This trial (him sending his morning photos from the other side of the world) reminds me of a very famous poem in Japan – a Relay in the Morning.
Someone translated this into English, not sure if it’s good enough, but here you are.