I feel empty after 3 or 4 weeks of jogging between work and worries about work.  Unless I recharge some fuel, inspiration does not come out.  It feels like I haven’t had much chance of inspirational conversation since last I broke up with my ex boyfriend.
So, I need to read and I need to travel alone.

There is this idea in me about an additional dimension to segment people around me.  Those who look at “now/present” and those who look at “past & future”.  I am the latter.

It seems, I fail to notice a lot of things around me.  I am always astonished by how people observe others, often strangers, about what they say, what they wear (which means strangely), or their habits.  Many of them are good at mimicking others, some people are very talented at this.   I can never do it, because I really don’t see others that carefully.  I came to realize that I am not so interested in what I see in front of me.
The thing I am rather good at is to connect dots together that are far apart.  When I hear about one fact, I think about many other things, such as a conversation I had with my professor more than 10 years ago, a news I saw on TV, a sight I have seen on street when I had been traveling some time back.  So I am listening, but on the next second, I am not listening.

In short, I am better at creating than analyzing or depicting. And, I am in great need of new dots.

Not sure why I wanted to write about it, but this thought has been around my head for so long now that I needed to get it out.