How many of you have actually read this book by Michael Ende?

If you didn’t read it while being a teenager, I’m sorry but you missed your chance.  This is one of the books that had changed my life, and I am 100% sure it won’t have the same impact if you are already an adult.

Being a sick child, I was often absent from school, weeks at a time.  My 4th grade homeroom teacher lend me this book, which belonged to her daughter in high school, thinking I had plenty of time to read this extremely thick book.

I was terrified by its thickness, but was instantly hooked.  I remember reading this book on my childhood house staircase.  I was climbing down the stairs reading, then the book captivated me that I sat down there for hours and hours.

The Neverending Story was the first book that made me scared while reading.  You are sucked into the world of Fantagien and can never come back.

So, when the book was sitting on a shelf in the manor, it gave me chills.  I could not resist.  The book always comes to me at unexpected times, I never seek it.  It just comes.

A perfect holiday reading.

(Oh, and the movie was crappy, I think.  It would have been better if they had decided to make the film 20 years later.)