You can’t believe I actually went out for running/walking this afternoon.   I walked most of the time, but I probably ran for about half a mile, which is quite extraordinary for me.
But I am not stupid as to overdo the thing I am not used to.  I just want to fit into a pair of jeans sleeping in my closet.  I bought a slightly smaller size (I can wear it but it’s a bit tight) some many years ago, intending to loose some weight.  There was a time I unhealthily went thinner (from my chronic disease), but now that my health is better, my weight went back up again.
Anyway, I just want to be fit, I don’t want to be thin.  I think those guys who like to marry to thin, fragile women are either DB-inclined or insecure, unless the women are pretty extraordinary. (I know YOU are pretty extraordinary, so please don’t be offended.)

OK, I went completely derailed.
I am so happy because I dug up some yarn and started a few projects.  Starting new projects is indeed an inspiring, creative act, pushes me to be imaginative and flexible.
The gray tweed yarn (Beaverslide Dry Goods) has been in my closet for a long time, and I finally found a perfect pattern for it.  It is going to be this blanket when it’s done.

There was a feature article on antique blankets in a magazine I borrowed from a library, as well as on a blog by my beloved-knitter/designer Jared Hood (who designed the above UMARO blanket).  What I desperately in need is a beautiful blanket.  One cannot have enough blankets in her house.

Another project is a shawl, called Daybreak, only this time, I am making it with two blue colored yarns.  The ball in the front is actually dark navy, not bright blue.  I don’t know when it’s going to be completed, but I know it will look great.

It’s pretty curious that this Daybreak is also designed by another male knitter from Holland, Stephen West.

Last of all, I am still knitting this mittens.  It’s still on the needles because I don’t love doing colorwork that much.  I just in need of a good and lovely pair of mittens.

On another topic, I am reading a book called “I just want to take cooler pictures!” (in Japanese), and learned a few new (but basic) tricks.  I never fully understood the use of zoom lens until now.  It’s fun.

(Sorry about the “Buy at Amazon!” button.  I hate it, I only wanted to display the cover photo, but they don’t allow it.)