I wrote last Friday that I would post more photos from the last trip, but I have been suffering from heavy headache since then, and have not had an energy to edit more images.
I seem to have caught a cold, for I felt hot and cold and hot, repeatedly throughout today, and now again cold. Slight fever. It’s been unusually cold in Japan this year, so my mental (feeling spring) and physique (still feeling cold) are in a hard debate whether this is almost April or not.

But, some images of my drawings I can post. I can’t stop to draw these days. Knitting projects in a basket are screaming for more attention…

 I watched the Untouchables for the second time, the first time being when I was 10 or something.
True elegance.
It felt like the movie was one of the last works done in Hollywood’s Golden Age.  I love everything about it.

When I was a little girl, I used to say that “one day, I want to marry someone who would look like Sean Connery when he gets old.”  Never imagined back then that nobody would look like Sean Connery except for Sean Connery himself!  Wished I had a chance to see him in person while he is still genki.