A weird day, it was.
I guess today was one of the top 10 weird and bad days since I have grown up.  Things are becoming weirder and weirder, and for this reason, I hate being a grown-up and getting older.  Wrinkles and pains and all that are ok with me so far.
I was going to write all about it, and sure I can, but then I am really making an effort to make this blog a positive space, so I won’t.  But let me just say one sentence – I just happened to discover a weirdest thing about my ex-boyfriend and it annoys me so much.
When you find out who you thought your trusted friend to be lacking dignity, it is the worst thing because it reflects back on you. Because you chose the person to be your friend in the first place. 
I don’t know if I should feel angry or sad or disappointed or … glad.

Because I was like this, I bumped into my favorite mug and broke it.

But there were some nice things today. 

For example, I received a letter from a couple whom I sat next to on the plane the other day.  I played with their 1 year old son the whole time, which I enjoyed enormously, but/and they appreciated my gesture.  That was his first flight ever and the parents said they were nervous.  They even sent me the baby’s photos, which are so so so adorable, I wish I could show you guys how gorgeous he was.

Lastly, I watched Drew Barrymore film called Whip It! and it was cute also.  The pig below is not my invention, I just drew the very last scene.

When you are older, you have plenty of experiences under your belt and there should be less things to surprise you.  That’s the way it should be.  Somehow my life feels emotionally harder these days, I can’t help wondering why.