I stumbled upon this quote through “StumbleUpon” (how did they know I am into quotes these days?) and thought it’s a perfect description of this weekend.

So, I went to this performing art event, one of which performers was a friend of mine. He shoots films and takes photos, so performing was new to him. On the other hand, watching such performing art was completely new to me. In some instances, I didn’t know whether I should laugh, stay put, or respond to the performances. For me, the whole interactions of people, among the performers, and between the performers and the audiences, were intriguing and interesting.

Today, I went to watch Never Let Me Go with a good friend. The movie was truly and ultra-terrestrially beautiful… and unforgivingly sad. The concept was almost gross, almost. We were both able to watch it to the last, because of its beauty and the magnificent acting.
All in all, it was a great work, and I was glad I did not watch it alone.

Kazuo Ishiguro is a Japanese writer, despite his English upbringing and his writing in English, which makes me proud somehow.

For lunch, we went to a creperie near the theater in Shibuya. They told me they do not allow us to take any photos inside the restaurant. WHY? But I did, anyway.

I actually have drawn for a while at Starbucks afterward – I am still very nervous about drawing in public, but I am pushing the boundary. Thomas Pynchon’s book, which, according to my friend, awfully resembles a pillow, is my new challenge.