I haven’t updated my blog for 2 weeks (because I was dog-sitting last weekend, which I enjoyed a lot), so please bare with me for a few more.

My family had a reunion for the belated Father’s Day this afternoon.  There is a new reverside restaurant not far from his office, called Cielo y Rio.  One of my colleagues took us there on Friday for lunch, and really liked it, so I decided to go back with my family this time.

the 3rd floor, river-front view outside the window

food is itallian / fusion

We had a great afternoon. My niece eats so much, she loves all kinds of noodles and fruits. She kept asking for more.

It was surprising that my dad was also talking about Zaz, passionately.  He even let me copy his CD.  But come to think of it, I grew up listening to his records and cassette tapes and CDs, so I guess it’s natural that our tastes in music are alike.