Marge is a small yarn shop in Kamakura. (Kamakura is an old capital of Japan back in 12th century, just 1.5 hour away from Tokyo.) My friend took me to the mind-blowing place.

It’s a tiny tiny shop. One large rack on one side, one small rack in the middle, and a shop owner sitting at the back, making his own yarn (!) and knitting samples. The shop owner, a middle aged guy, totally masculine and athletic (and buff and tanned), was the sole creator of all the yarns sold in this shop. (My friend was trying hard not to laugh at the mismatch :D)

After a lot of going back and forth, I picked these 2 yarns. Everything is one of a kind, so I really don’t know the yardage and what the fibers are. I just can’t wait to knit with them!